Our Recommended Magnet Fishing Gear

Starter Kits

Upgrade your gear or get started with one of these magnet fishing kits. These kits include the essentials to start pulling magnetically-attracted objects from the water.

1,200 lb Magnet Fishing Bundle

Brute Magnetics has the strongest single-sided magnet fishing bundle on the market. This is a complete kit that includes:

  • 1,200 lb single-sided magnet with threadlocker
  • 65-foot double-braided 1/4” nylon rope with carabiner
  • Waterproof, hardshell carrying case

This magnet is a monster. Under ideal conditions, this magnet can hold over half a ton! This magnet is best for vertical fishing from docks, piers, and bridges. The 65-foot rope has a breaking strength of 1,300 pounds (more than any of us could wish to lift!) and fish from all but the tallest bridges.

If this is your first magnet, do not forget to buy a nice pair of gloves to protect your hands. This kit does not include any personal protective gear.

575 lb Magnet Fishing Bundle

The magnet fishing bundle from PoP may be the most well-rounded kit for the magnet fishing beginner. This bundle includes a strong single-sided magnet, a carrying case, 65-foot rope with carabiner, and gloves.

  • 575 lb. single-sided magnet with locknut
  • 65 feet x 8 mm rope with carabiner
  • Waterproof carrying case
  • Gloves

This magnet uses a locknut instead of relying on threadlocker. The locknut can sometimes be in the way since it is in the center of the eyelet, but we think the increased security is worth the inconvenience. We also like the slightly thicker rope included in this bundle, because it makes it easier to handle.

925 lb Magnet Fishing Bundle

Muscular Magnetics has a great beginners’ magnet fishing bundle. Their kit includes:

  • 925 lb single-sided magnet with threadlocker
  • 100 feet x 6 mm rope with carabiner
  • Gloves

We missed the hardshell carrying case that other kits include, but otherwise think this is a good bundle. There were a few concerns about the quality of the rope and gloves. The rope is the smallest of the starter kits and some reviewers noted fraying after some extended use. The gloves are decent at first but seem to wear out quickly. Equipment wear and tear are expected in this hobby so always inspect your gear before you get to the water to avoid damage, loss, or injury.


You already have some of the basic equipment or gear needed for magnet fishing and you just need a magnet. Or maybe you lost your magnet. These are some of the top magnets for magnet fishing. We recommend using a magnet rated for at least 500 lb for the best results and most fun!

Brute Magnetics 575 lb Single-Sided Magnet

Brute Magnetics distributes one of the most popular single-sided magnets for magnet fishing. This magnet is rated for up to 575 lb loads under ideal conditions. The manufacturer includes threadlocker to apply to the eyelet. Be sure to follow all instructions and allow the threadlocker to cure before taking this magnet to the water.

Brute Magnetics 800 lb Double-Sided Magnet

Brute Magnetics also sells one of the most populer double-sided magnets for magnet fishing. If you read our magnet fishing guide , you will recall that double-sided magnets advertise their “combined” strength. Each side of this magnet is rated for 400 lb loads.

You should consider this magnet if you plan to fish from the shore. The eyelet mounting location on the rounded edge of this disc magnet helps keep the magnet face down along the bottom of the water.

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